Network Security

X/OS has been active in the field of network security since our company was founded in 1994. Linux lacked a proper firewall facility at the time, so we wrote the firewall code for the Linux kernel (up to version 2.0). Our thorough understanding of the technical issues involved in network security, down to system and protocol-level details, ensures our customers obtain the best level of security.

We cover all aspects of security to protect your valuable systems and data from unauthorized access. Effective security consists not only of hard- and software , but also management procedures. An integrated security solution is therefore tailor-made for each customer. The reasons for this approach are:

  • The security requirements differ for every customer. Although firewall products out-of-the-box may fill the average needs, they usually don't cover them all.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interfaces for firewalls can easily mislead the user. Although you may think everything is configured safely, this may not be the case. A thorough understanding of what is really happening is often required.
  • Frequently, new applications and accompanying protocols become available on the Internet, which the firewall software does not (yet) handle properly.
  • Even more frequently, new cracking techniques are discovered, requiring re-analyzing the safety of your firewall.

A secure network is the result of an intimate knowledge of individual security requirements and limitations. X/OS is specialized in providing companies with the insight and technical know-how to continue to manage a secure network, also after the implementation phase.


1-8-2011 - X/OS has moved!

X/OS has moved to a new office, but stays at the Amsterdam Science Park.