PrivaNet Security Appliances

Protect Your Information Assets


An average company experiences 32 Internet attacks per week, according to Riptech's 2002 security report. One successful attempt can have devastating consequences for your business:

  • exposure of sensitive information to outsiders
  • misuse of systems and resources for illegal practices
  • servere disruption of your Internet communications

The economic costs of security incidents continues to grow as organizations are increasingly dependent on Internet infrastructure to conduct business. A strong defense at the perimeter of your network is an essential part of security. Defensive measures must be taken at each point in the perimeter where traffic enters -- or leaves -- the trusted network. The PrivaNet family of security products provides powerful perimeter defense dedicated to stopping the attacker before he or she gains access to your computer systems.

1-8-2011 - X/OS has moved!

X/OS has moved to a new office, but stays at the Amsterdam Science Park.