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Server Solutions

Intel-based server solutions for excellent price/performance, featuring exceptional quality and design -- at affordable prices. Tested and tuned to run with Linux to ensure hassle-free deployment and operation of your applications and services. Each system is delivered pre-installed with X/OS Linux, saving you time and effort.

Support Services

Flat-fee, subscription-based support services to substantially lower your cost of ownership. Our team of experts is focused on getting your issue resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

PrivaNet Security Appliances

PrivaNet security appliances provide a complete Internet connectivity solution, integrating firewalling, VPN and a wide-range of network services. State-of-the-art security technology protects your network and data from the multitude of threats present on the Internet. Our standards-based VPN implementation enables private communication to the corporate network from any location that has Internet access.


X/OS provides Unix-based Internet solutions since the early days of the World Wide Web. We've bundled our expertise in the area of networking and Web technology with first-class hosting facilities, offering you the expertise and hardware to help you succeed online.


Low-cost, high-value solutions driven by open standards and Open Source technology. X/OS offers dedicated IT solutions packaging hardware, software and your choice of support options.


Expert advice provided by X/OS consulting services, specialized in architectural design, software development and network security.

1-8-2011 - X/OS has moved!

X/OS has moved to a new office, but stays at the Amsterdam Science Park.